Lynda Conway

Salon Owner - Senior Stylist
Lynda is Co-Owner of VIP Hair Salon – Bispham. She has comes over 40 years experience working in the Hair & Beauty Industry. Lynda is known for her professionalism and good all round ability in both salon work and teaching. Her work is her passion and regularly attends hair shows, seminars and training events to keep her work up to date and current.
This helps her to promote new styles, designs and products so that clients can be assured of the latest developments in both hair and beauty. Lynda has welcomed her daughter Diane to join the team as apprentice and trainee stylist thus ensuring this will carry on the family tradition within the hair and beauty industry.

Gillian Armer

Salon Owner - Senior Stylist

Gillian is Co-Owner of VIP Hair Salon – Bispham, with 30 years experience working in hair and beauty, which includes the last 7 years teaching and managing a commercial salon in a Blackpool school. Gillian is excellent at building trust and relationships with both customers and suppliers and is extremely well liked and respected in the hair industry.

Gillian’s vision was to provide high quality hair and beauty in a welcoming and relaxing environment at a reasonable price, with Lynda, they have succeeded in delivering that. Gillian’s daughter Brittany is working as a Junior at VIP Hair Salon and she is enjoying passing on the skills and knowledge required in the hair and beauty industry.

Diane Akeroyd

Diane is one of the Juniors at VIP Hair Salon – Bispham. At Montogomery High School she managed to gain 4 extra GCSE’s at A* studying for a VQR in hairdressing. Diane is continuing with her desire to be a hairdresser, currently undertaking studies for an NVQ Level 2 at Venture Learning. Although her experience only covers 3 years it has very much been a part life with all the family being part of the hairdressing trade.
She is very keen to widen her knowledge and experience in hairdressing and very much looking forward to welcoming new clientele, testing her skills and knowledge of hairdressing on models (Please contact the salon for more information). Diane is privileged to work with such talented role models as hairdressers and feels confident that they will aid in fulfilling her passion to style and cut hair.

Brittany Armer

Junior Assistant

Brittany is the Junior Assistant at VIP Hair Salon – Bispham, working Saturday’s and covering for holidays. Currently at Montogomery High School studying for and sitting her final GCSE exams in May and June 2013. Brittany will be attending Blackpool Sixth from September to complete her A Levels and then move onto University to progress a career in Nursing.

Brittany is extremely enthusiastic about hair and beauty and has inherited some of her mums natural talent and would also do well in the industry if she chose that path.